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Weekly Recap

23 Jan

Today was a good day, food-wise, which is more or less on par with the rest of the week. I feel suspiciously full which makes me wonder what I forgot to track, but according to the Weight Watcher’s Plan Manager, I’ve actually got 3 points left over for today (and 21 for the week – which is great). I only overate once, and it was a supper at Mum’s, and I expected to do so and planned for it, and that worked out well. At more bread than I probably should have, but probably only 3/5 of what I would normally eat, so technically a win. And I didn’t have seconds of spaghetti OR desert.

Time to cross my fingers and hope it pays off when I weigh myself tomorrow!

And then all I need to do is figure out how to repeat that next week, instead of regaining whatever I lose as I have been doing the last few weeks….

This WAS a really good week, though. I think I may have (hopefully, maybe, pleaseohpleaseohplease) figured out some of the holes in my eating habits (not eating enough in the mornings, leaving me too hungry all day, not having enough options at lunch) and have managed to plug those with some success this week (went to a different place every day for lunch and forced myself to choose something new from the menu (I have discovered I like Quesadillas, but I do NOT like veggie paninis with weird-ass sauce), and added a chocolate milk to my morning fruit, which feels like cheating but has honestly been working to keep me from being hungry, and despite the huge hit to my daily points (9 points) last week I ate less overall on a daily basis than before I was drinking the milk…plus, hey, dairy, amirite?).

Also (I figured this out before this week, but I’ve come to appreciate just how true it is this week) I really, REALLY like Salsa. I can’t believe I refused to even try it for the last twenty-seven years. It is delicious, and SUPER low points (0 points unless I eat a shit tonne. A shit tonne of salsa is 1 point), AND allows me to actually eat JUST a handful of chips and have my craving for them be satisfied – because I don’t even want the chips, I want the salsa. WTF?! Since when have I ever wanted a veggie-based food over a grain-based food? Never, that’s when!

Peppers are now also among my favourite foods, but this has been for a while now. Tomatoes are VERY SLOWLY growing on me. THere are big chunks of them in the salsa, and my roommate puts them in the salad she makes for us sometimes (big fat chunks) and I am unoffended in both cases. Still don’t love them though, which confuses me. How can I love so many tomato-based foods (salsa, pasta sauce, ketchup, pizza sauce) but not the veggie (fruit?) they’re made of?

Even if the scale goes up tomorrow I name this week a win. Lots of new foods tried (and liked!), I made a few really solid choices when faced with temptation (a few bad, too, but more good than bad), and succesfully planned for the splurges on the weekend.

Me: 1
Habits: 0 (if we include absolutely nothing that happened before this week…)